Reasons Why Air Conditioner Makes Gurgling Noise and Its Solutions

Do you hear gurgling noises from your air conditioner? While air conditioners do make some sound, you must be able to differentiate them. It is vital that you understand the difference between the various types of noises and decipher them. If your air conditioner makes gurgling noise, then it is possible that your AC is having some issues. There are numerous reasons that can lead to wet noises. You might be able to pin down the cause, source, and frequency of sound. But, attempting to fix it on your own is not a wise decision.

Keep in mind that an air conditioner is a sophisticated machine that has numerous units. Simple DIY methods are not enough to fix it permanently. Issues with the air conditioner generally require the aid of expert technicians. What you can do to help is to note the intensity, location, and timings of the gurgling noise. It will help the professional narrow down the issue.

Best Air Conditioner Services
Best Air Conditioner Services

Causes That Lead to Air Conditioner Making Gurgling Noise and the Solutions

There are numerous reasons that explain why the air conditioner makes gurgling noise. Knowing them in detail will help you to make the correct diagnosis. Check out the reasons listed here.

Condensate Pump

Depending on the model of AC you have, the condensate pump could be the reason behind the weird noises. The moisture created due to the workings of the evaporator coils is fixed by the compensate pump. It does not allow the accumulation of the fluid. If the condensate pump is malfunctioning, then it is why the air conditioner makes gurgling noise.

For this problem, you will either have to replace or repair the condensate pump. It depends on the severity of the condition. Your technician will be able to make the correct call.

Blocked Drain

Blockage in the drain is a huge annoyance but luckily does not cause any serious harm. Sometimes, dust particles, dirt, and debris gain entry to the air conditioner. It ultimately deposits in the drainpipe and creates a chunk. The gurgling noise may very well be due to the clogging of the drain.

It is quite easy to fix the issue. All you need is some drain cleaner. But, instead of doing it yourself, give a call to the technicians. It is better to be sure of the cause before applying the solution.

Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerants are one of the most vital components in an air conditioner. It is responsible for cooling the air. However, it is the refrigerant lines that ensure the smooth flow of the refrigerant. Issues with these lines can cause a disturbance in the circulation. If there is a problem with the circulation, then it will have an effect on the cooling.

As a result, your AC will have to work much harder to lower the temperature. It is one of the reasons why the air conditioner makes gurgling noise. Even with the wet noises, your AC can continue to function perfectly. But, it could still struggle and ultimately collapse or enhance the damage in the future.

The best solution is to make the call to the professionals without wasting any time. They can fix the refrigerant lines.

split system services
split system services

Worried About the Gurgling Noise in your Air Conditioner? Contact Professionals Today!

Wanting to know why the air conditioner makes gurgling noise is an excellent idea. It will help you to make the correct assessment. However, correctly guessing the cause and attempting to fix it are two different things. It is advisable that you let the experts do the fixing, lest you damage the air conditioner even more.

Plumbing Master is one of the best air service providers here. We have a team of certified AC repair technicians with years of experience on their side. Our services are fairly affordable, and our technicians use the safest methods to fix your air conditioner. Moreover, we are available at all times. Give us a call today, and we will assist you in getting rid of that frustrating gurgling noise.