Split System AC vs Evaporative Ac: Pros And Cons

Are you confused about whether to choose Split System AC or Evaporative Ac, this blog will help you. In this article, we have mentioned a combined list of cons and pros of split system air conditioners as well as evaporative air conditioners. Every air conditioner has some positive and negative points. All you can do is choose the right one according to your home. So, do read the entire blog to understand the suitability of air conditioner type as per your home/ office. Read about Split AC And Evaporative AC.

split system AC vs evaporative service
split system AC vs evaporative service

Split Air Conditioners: 

A split air conditioning unit has 2 separate units. Namely- an evaporative coil and the condensing unit. On combining both forms a “line set” (tubing of copper that transfers refrigerant to next unit)

Pros Of Split ACs:

  • Can be installed anywhere. These are greatly flexible and you can set up this AC in your basement, garage or attics, etc. 
  • Low maintenance involvement. You can easily wash the filters and put them back in place after cleaning. Even the condensing unit is made for easy cleaning.
  • A trained professional can set up the entire system within a day.
  • Use less energy as compared to evaporative air conditioners.
  • The working of split systems is quiet. This is because only 2 parts are set up inside the property. 

Cons Of Split Air Conditioners 

  • Mostly the split ACs are installed in places that are hard to control.
  • This AC is preferable for heating or cooling in one single room only. They do not perform well in big halls or dining areas. You may get one for your bedroom.
  • Initial split ac price is high but it provides long time advantages. You only need to pay for heavy installations, then you can relax for many years. 
  • It must be set by experts only. This is because of safety and proper installation concerns. 

Evaporative Air Conditioners

Evaporative coolers were before known as “Swamp Coolers.” This is because there is a high moisture content in these ACs. Moreover, it pulls in warm, dry air and goes through a moist pad that soaks heat. Later the pads evaporate. 

Pros Of Evaporative Air Conditioners

  • It releases less carbon dioxide and is an energy saving way of heating and cooling. Moreover, evaporative ACs use 10% less energy as compared to traditional ACs. 
  • Evaporative AC units ask for low maintenance. 
  • Wet filter padding soaks pollen, dust and other pollutants, which is healthy for you if you are allergic. 

Cons Of Evaporative Air Conditioners 

  • Not much reliable for humid temperatures. 
  • You have less control over the functioning of evaporative ACs as compared to split ACs.
  • You need to clean the filters and pads more often. That may be a time consuming task for you. As bacteria easily fills in moist pads, so they should be clean at all times. 
  • Evaporative coolers are placed outside and the functioning voice may disturb your neighbouring homes/ commercial premises. 
evaporative air conditioners services
evaporative air conditioners services

We Can Help You In Choosing The Right AC So Check About Split AC And Evaporative AC.

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