How To Improve Ac Efficiency

Check out our Heating and Cooling professional’s tips on your queries How To Improve AC Efficiency. Our professional are listed these best and helpful tips based on their servicing experience. You can follow and implement these steps to enhance the performance of your air conditioning.

Air Conditioner maintenance is a kind of work which is a bit technical and requires hard work. So, this article doesn’t contain any glamorous topic and most people won’t clean their air conditioner often. Most people don’t know that cleaning the air conditioner can make air conditioner energy efficient.
The cleaning of your air conditioner is proportional to its energy consumption.

How To Improve Ac Efficiency

How To Improve Ac Efficiency

Over time, when the dust accumulation starts to build upon the air conditioner and clogged the filter, the air conditioner has to work more and use more energy. An air conditioner clogged with dust and debris consumes more voltage and the performance is also reduced by 20%. Thus, Air Conditioner Servicing and Cleaning is always recommended.

Follow These Simple Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Efficiency Optimum

While air conditioner cleaning seems a boring work, by completing it you can ensure a smooth air conditioner operation and you will notice the best efficiency and optimum performance of your system.

Keep The Filter Clean To Improve Ac Efficiency

A vacuum cleaner is the best equipment to clean the air filter. You can also use a mild detergent and water to clean the filter. Before installing the filter again make sure, the filter is completely dry. You can go through the instruction manual, to remove the filter.

Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean

Similarly like the indoor unit, dust and debris can build upon the outdoor unit as well. Moreover, the outdoor unit is more vulnerable to dust and debris than the indoor unit. When the dust clogged up the outdoor unit, the compressor has to work more and use more energy. Thus, when cleaning the outdoor unit is more important.

Clean The Air Conditioner Grill

Clean the indoor unit of the air conditioner from outside as well. Dust and debris also accumulate on the grilles, use a vacuum cleaner to keep it clean. This dust will later slip into the air conditioner and clog the filter.

How To Improve Ac Efficiency

How To Improve Ac Efficiency?

Shut The Door and Windows Completely

Shutting the windows and doors is the best and easy way to optimize your cooling experience. Sometimes you have to be deprived of cold air due to keeping the doors and windows open. So always make sure to shut the windows and doors close. 

Use The Air Conditioner Smartly

When it is really hot outside, use program timers to turn on and off the air conditioner. If you keep the air conditioner switch on, it’ll consume more energy and take a longer time to cool the premises. Many air conditioner comes with a smart sensor feature, which automatically switches the settings to energy-saving mode when there is no movement in the room for more than 20 minutes.

Do Not Set The Temperature in Too Low Settings

Do not keep the air conditioner in too low-temperature settings, this won’t cool your room quickly instead this will put more pressure on the compressor. Setting the temperature above 23 degrees Celsius is appropriate, the air conditioner would cool the room comfortably by using minimum energy.

Has the air conditioner professionally cleaned?

You should get your air conditioner cleaned periodically by a licensed professional air conditioner repair service provider. It’s best to get your air conditioner cleaned before summer starts as it’ll ensure a smooth operation throughout the season. Plumbing Master Services is one of the best air conditioning technicians, we repair and provide service for all kind of air conditioner. Do call us for bookings, we assure you that you’ll never disappoint.